Hate Mail

January 10th, 2013

From our dear friend Anne Lester-Ryan

Hate Mail

My Response

Hate Mail Response

Whoa there Anne! 

Hate Mail Response Final

If there’s one thing we love here at Big Baby Jones, its Hate Mail. Send it here and maybe we’ll feature it. But most likely, we’ll just end up drawing naked pictures of your dad riding a unicorn.



  1. Your line work is great, your David Lynch Children Story end with the bunny kids, amazing piece of art. Same with the Juila Child rifle shot to the head, amazing quality of line in each image. However, your scripts are hot garbage. Not one of your comics are like “the funny one” that people send others here for. Hire a writer, you’re an unfunny artist.

    1. It is like a big pile of hot garbage ain’t it? All piled up in a corner….looking all sexy…just staring at you from across the room….D’Angelo bumping on the speakers. Sure there’s bits of compost and recycling mixed in but that’s what makes it so wrong yet so right. Things all stuck in there were they don’t belong. Mmmmm.

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